We can supply all kinds of Big Bags from stock. Our tailor-made Big Bags are delivered according to the highest quality standard. 1-2 or 4 loops, type A-B-C-D, U-panel, 44 panel, Q Bags (form stable Big Bags) or conductive/antistatic, special Food Grade Big Bags and Builder Bags.

So much is possible, and of course we deliver according to the highest quality standard. For more options or questions, please contact one of our sales managers Pascal Veerkamp or Ivo Haije.

1-2 loops Big Bags

1 to 2 loop bags are mainly used for weights up to 1,000 kg, and the filling speed is of great importance. These bags can also be fitted with a liner so that the contents remain dry. The thickness of … Continued

Standard 4-Loops Big Bags

In addition to our standard 4 loops Big Bags, or flexible container bags that carry a weight up to 2,000 kg, we deliver difficult to make Big Bags of the highest quality to many Nebig Flexible Solutions customers. Constructions in … Continued

Formstable Big Bags (Q-Bags)

These bags are available in square and rectangular designs and are fitted with an inner construction so that this bag stays standing after it is filled. Advantages include: safety, optimal load rate, minimum bulge and remaining within pallet dimensions. Improved … Continued

Conductive Big Bags

We have specially designed antistatic Big Bags Type C and D with X-static TM technology, which occurs during the filling and unloading of Big Bags static electricity that can lead to explosion of flammable gases, vapours and dust. It is … Continued

UN (ADR) Big Bags

International transport of “dangerous goods” is regulated by a number of international codes based on recommendations from the UN, better known as the “orange book”. There are 4 types of Big Bags distinguished: 13H1, FIBC’s woven of uncoated PP 13H2, … Continued

Food-grade Big Bags

Food-grade Big Bags We meet the highest hygiene requirements in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Our Food-grade Big Bags comply with European regulations for packaging in direct contact with food. BRC-IOP, AIB, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and … Continued

Builder Big Bags

These Builder Bags are specially made for construction such as sand/gravel, waste and recycling. The standard dimensions are ½ or 1 cubic metre. The standard bags can be delivered quickly from stock. You can also order directly from our webshop. … Continued


A co extrusion liner production, with which we can extrude up to 3 layers of all combinations of materials. The liners are cut, welded and shaped by a microprocessor-controlled machine in a dust-free clean room environment according to ISO Level … Continued