Woven BOPP Bags

Woven BOPP bags use a new technique to improve printing on woven polypropylene bags.

Instead of immediately printing on the polypropylene bags, the print is first made on a BOPP film.

Then the printed BOPP film is laminated on the polypropylene bag. This results in an exceptionally high printing quality.

BOPP bags can be produced in multiple designs:

  • Sown bottom with or without easy opening
  • Sown bottom with or without side fold
  • Block bottom

Furthermore, we can outfit the BOPP bags with various kinds of grips in combination with a resealable – easy – opening.

Advantages of the BOPP bags:

  • – Very high quality prints, up to 10 colours
  • – High gloss surface, which can be wiped off
  • – High tensile strength, very sturdy bags
  • – High scratch resistance
  • – Impermeable
  • – Good dimensional stability and flatness
  • – High Gloss & Mat finishing available.
  • – BOPP bags are 100% recyclable.

The BOPP bags can be printed by us double sided and in multiple colours..

Should you have more questions, please call on Michael Wieffering, our specialist in the area of BOPP bags. All our personnel and their email addresses can be found on the personnel page.

More information?

If you have any questions you can reach Michael Wieffering, our specialist in Woven BOPP Bags.

Michael Wieffering

Call: +31 226 33 29 29