Paper industrial bag

Nebig delivers a complete assortment of paper bags for the industrial sector.

The paper bags are by far mostly delivered ready to measure; however, there are also a number of standard sizes available.

The bags delivered by us are always of high quality Scandinavian bag Kraft, made of primary fibres.

All industrial bags in use, which we deliver:

Valve bags, available with various types of valves:

– Easy-opening
– Grip
– Thermos closing valve
– Patented extra air relief valve

Pinch bottom bags:

– Up to 8 colours flexo / raster printing
– Pre Hot melt
– Anti slip
– Side crease
– Grip

Open mouth bags:

– Up to 8 colours flexo / raster printing
– Anti slip
– Side crease
– Grip

Car bumper bags

These are bags specifically developed for packaging car bumpers. In order to package the car bumper easily the opening of the bag is on the side.

Filler bags

These are bags which serve as filling in container loads. These air tight filler bags are blown up and placed between the loads. This way no shifting can occur. The filler bags can be used more than once.

The paper bags can be printed by us with logos and texts delivered by you. This can be achieved double sided and in multiple colours.

Should you have more questions, please call on Michael Wieffering or Aart Vijfvinkel, our specialist in the area of paper bags. All our personnel and their email addresses can be found on the personnel page.

More information?

If you have any questions you can reach Michael Wieffering, our specialist in Paper industrial bag.

Michael Wieffering

Call: +31 226 33 29 29